This article outlines the steps necessary to set up a GAM360 as a GrowthLoop destination and begin exporting audiences for activation.

This article outlines the steps necessary to set up GAM360 as a GrowthLoop destination which include:

  1. Setting up your Google Cloud Storage
  2. Configuring your GAM360

Setting up Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket

If you don't have a GCS bucket, please refer to the first half of this document on how to set it up.

Configuring your GAM360

Here are some prerequisites before you can set up GAM360 as a destination on GrowthLoop.

  1. Locate your network code. Find it in Ad Manager under Admin, then Global settings, and then Network code.
  2. Ensure an active First-Party Audience Segment exists in GAM360 for associating identifiers.
  3. Select Publisher Managed population method if you don't want this segment to collect users through your inventory. Link
  4. Expect up to a 24-hour delay from segment creation to batch upload availability.
  5. Create a Google Group containing all Google Accounts needing access to upload and view files. You must make sure that GrowthLoop’s service account is added as a group member to the Google Group

Setting up GAM360 as a destination

Select Destinations from the left rail of your GrowthLoop home screen.

Destination left Menu

Click New Destination on the top right.

New Destination

Search for "GAM360" and select this card

A modal window will prompt you to fill out Destination Info and Credentials.

  • Destination Name: A custom name for your destination.
  • Sync Frequency: The frequency at which GrowthLoop will export audiences to your destination (hourly or daily).
  • Bucket: The name of your Google Cloud Storage bucket.
  • Credentials: Copy and paste the entire contents of your JSON key file here.
  • Network Code: This is a unique identifier for your advertising network, which you can find in Ad Manager under Admin > Global Settings > Network Code.

Click Create. You are now ready to begin exporting to your GAM360 destination, through a GCS bucket upload! You can confirm that your GAM360 is connected by clicking Destinations on the left rail.

Exporting to GAM360

When exporting to GAM360, you will be prompted to specify a Match Field

and the Audience Segment ID.

After hitting Export, it can take up to 24 hours for you to see a list of your audiences in GAM360. However, you should be able to verify they've correctly landed in your GCS bucket, which we specified earlier.

After exporting, the data file will be placed in a GCS folder at the following path:[Ad Manager network code].This folder contains individual CSV files for each member of the audience.

GCS Audience File

Happy exporting!

Experiencing any issues connecting to Google Cloud Storage as a destination? Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch shortly!