Learn how to set up Iterable as a destination so you can start exporting audiences to it.

This article outlines the steps necessary to set up Iterable as a GrowthLoop destination and begin exporting audiences for activation.


To connect the GrowthLoop application to Iterable, you must have an Iterable account and create a server-side API Key.

You will enter this API Key upon creating your Iterable destination.

Create Iterable API Key

Setting Iterable as a Destination

Select Destinations from the left rail of your GrowthLoop home screen.

Select Iterable Destination

Click New Destination on the top right.

Iterable New Destination

Scroll to the Email section or search for Iterable and click Add Iterable.

Add Iterable Destination

Then you will need to complete your Destination information:

  • ‍ Destination Name: A custom name for your destination.‍
  • Sync Frequency: The frequency at which GrowthLoop will export audiences to your destination (daily is most common).‍
  • API Key: API Key generated from your Iterable Account

Click Create and you are done!

Exporting to Iterable

To export an audience to your Iterable destination, navigate to the Audiences page and click on your desired audience.

Iterable Audiences

Click the Export button at the top right, just below your customer count.

Iterable Export Button

Select Iterable as the destination to export. The name of the export will be defaulted to the name of your audience. Select any personalization fields you wish to send over on your audience to Iterable.

Iterable Export Modal

Click Start Export.


To see your audience in Iterable, navigate to the Audience tab and click Lists.

Iterable Lists

Congratulations! You may now use this audience list to send any campaign you've created in Iterable.

You can double check a successful export to Iterable by navigating to your audience viewer Exports tab within your GrowthLoop app to view the activity tracker and make any scheduling changes you may need.

Iterable View Export Activity

Experiencing any issues connecting to Iterable as a destination? Reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch shortly!