Adobe Experience Platform

Export audiences from your Data Warehouse to Adobe Experience Platform to facilitate personalized, cross-channel experiences for your customers.

In this Help Center article, we will walk you through the steps to get Adobe Experience Platform connected as a destination in the GrowthLoop web application. Once connected, you will be able to send your audience segments to Adobe Experience Platform for marketing activation!


Before you begin this process, you must have an Adobe Experience Platform account setup. Click here to request a demo from an Adobe Representative.

Setup Destination

  1. When you sign into the GrowthLoop platform, navigate to the Destinations tab on the left sidebar and click New Destination in the top right corner.
  1. When the Select Destination window pops up, type Adobe Experience Platform into the search bar and click Add Adobe Experience Platform.
  1. Clicking Add Adobe Experience Platform will require you to select/insert the following information:

Destination Info:

  • Destination Name: This is how the destination will be named and referred to in to the app going forward. It is helpful to make this name “marketer friendly” so everyone on your team knows its purpose.
  • Sync frequency: This is the default frequency audiences will be synced to a destination. Marketers can always change frequency of an export to Adobe Experience Platform, but this sets the default.


  • Connection ID: The ID of the streaming connection you want to stream data to.
  • Flow ID: The ID of the dataflow.
  • Sandbox (Optional): The ID of your sandbox environment, a secure testing space for experimenting with data without affecting the main system.
  • Organization ID / IMS Key: The ID that uniquely identifies your organization within the Adobe Experience Platform.
  • API Key / Client ID: This key identifies your application when making API requests.
  • Client Secret: This allows the application to generate an access_token.
  1. Go ahead and select Create, and we’ll validate we have all the proper permissions to load audience data to Adobe Experience Platform. You should now see Adobe Experience Platform in your list of connected destinations!

Exporting to Adobe Experience Platform

  1. To export an audience, you’ll need to build one first. Click New Audience and Create your New Audience.
  1. Once you finish building the audience, click Export Audience.
  1. When the Create Export window pops up, type Adobe into the search bar and click Select.
  1. By default, the name field will auto populate to your audience name so you can easily find it in your destination. You can then select your campaign type, export schedule, and sync end date. Click the Start Export button.
  1. You can also choose the match field pill menu to set your desired match fields between the data warehouse and Adobe Experience Platform.
  2. When you export an audience to Adobe Experience Platform, you can log in to your Adobe Experience Platform account and navigate to the Audiences tab. Here, you will find your newly exported audience in the list. Depending on the size of the audience, exports can take up to 30 minutes to populate.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully exported an audience to the Adobe Experience Platform to execute your campaigns!

Experiencing any issues when connecting to Adobe Experience Platform? Reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be in-touch shortly to help resolve the matter!