Learn how to integrate GrowthLoop into your platforms

Powered by GrowthLoop provides a few options for integrating composable audiences and journeys into your existing platforms:

  • Personalization API: Looking to personalize your mobile application or website based on real-time customer profile and segment information, then the Personalization API is what you are looking for. It enables you to pass a user identifier to our real-time API and receive an instant customer profile and segments the user is in so you can use the information to personalize their experience.
  • GrowthLoop API: Use GrowthLoop's API to trigger exports from internal workflows or fully embed audience lists in your applications.
  • Powered by GrowthLoop Embed Looking to embed Audience and Journey building in your custom-built application? You can now embed GrowthLoop directly into your application to give your users an audience builder that can export to any marketing destination with our Powered by GrowthLoop Embed.