Share an Audience

We understand that building new audiences can be an exciting and collaborative process, but it shouldn't come at the cost of constant notification overload. Our Audience Sharing Feature promises better default behaviors and gives you granular control over how notifications are disseminated. You can now share your Audiences with selected teams or individual team members. Not only that, you can also provide view-only or edit access as you share your audiences.

Getting started with Audience Sharing Feature is simple:

  1. Audience Sharing Settings

The settings for Audience Sharing are in the organization panel. This is where you determine whether you want to automatically or manually share audiences.


Under Default Audience Sharing:

  • If automatically share new audiences with team is selected, all users in the team the audience was created in, have edit access to new audiences. (Note: This setting is applied by default). If automatic sharing with the team is disabled, ONLY the creator can see the audience.
  • If automatic sharing is enabled, there’s a sub setting - notify team members when audience is shared with them*.* If the option is selected, users will receive an email when new audiences are created.

The Audience Sharing dropdown determines how you can share the audience in the share modal:

  • Enable users to share audiences only within their Team (default option)
  • Enable users to share audiences within their Team, and with any user in their Organization as view only
    • Note: Sharing an audience with teams or members of teams other than the team the audience was created in, will provide view only access to the shared audience.
  1. Sharing an Audience

Head over to an audience of your choice, and find the "Share" option under your Export drop-down menu (top-right):


Once you click that you're presented with a modal, where you can define who you'd like to share the Audience with and with what permissions:

You can share audiences and notify users by email (default is to notify), but you can uncheck the checkbox to share without sending the email.

  1. Email Notifications

Once notification is enabled, the selected users will receive an email notification when an audience is shared with them.

In terms of accessibility for this feature, you need to have editor access to the audience to share it. For example:

  • If audiences are shared with your team when created, all users in the team gain access to the audience and can share the audience, as they are editors.
  • If audiences are not shared with your team when created (this can be established in the org sharing configuration). Only the creator of the audience can see and share the audience. Sharing is an option that will appear in the audience action button (edit, export, delete, share, etc)
    Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 1.08.43 PM.png
  • If an audience is shared with someone with role Editor: the user will be able to share the audience
  • If an audience is shared with someone with role Viewer: the user will see the audience, but cannot share it (nor edit, export, delete, etc)

We hope you get to put this sharing functionality to use and help your team collaborate on audience creation.