Export audiences from your Data Warehouse to Display & Video 360 (DV360) to plan, execute, and measure digital advertising campaigns.

Discover how to link Display & Video 360 (DV360) as your destination and unleash the power of exporting audiences across Google's ad channels – from Gmail and Google Display to Video and Connected TV.


Before connecting DV360 to the GrowthLoop application:

  • You must have a DV360 account to connect to the GrowthLoop application. If you do not, contact their sales team.
  • Ensure you have an account for your GrowthLoop Audience Platform. If you don't, reach out to the admin at your company, or [email protected] and we'll help you get sorted.

Setup Destination

Link your DV360 Account to share Audience Lists

Before you get started, you need to contact us at [email protected] so we can make sure GrowthLoop shows up as a partner account to link to in your DV360 account. Once that’s done, follow with the next steps.

  1. In DV360, expand the Advertiser Settings menu (▼) in the left hand panel.

  2. Click on Linked Accounts, and then click on LINK NEW ACCOUNT.

  3. Select External Data Partner from the drop down menu.

    1. Note: Depending on what products/features you have access to, the options may look different.
  4. Use the search box to search for CMU: GrowthLoop.

  5. Click on the link button and accept the terms to complete the product link.

  6. Congrats! You just linked your DV360 account to GrowthLoop 🎉

Connect DV360 to GrowthLoop

ℹ️ Note: Please get in touch with your Solutions Architect to complete this step.

  1. Your Solutions Architect will authenticate & connect DV360 to GrowthLoop's Ads account on your behalf.

  2. After the authentication step, you will need to share the following information with your Solutions Architect:

    • Destination Name: How do you want the destination to be named and referred to in to the app going forward?
    • Display & Video 360 Advertiser ID:  What is the unique number for your Display & Video 360 account? To locate it, sign in to Display & Video 360 > in the navigation menu, click Advertiser Settings to expand it, then click Basic Details > find your Advertiser ID at the end of the first section.
    • Sync Frequency: How often do you want GrowthLoop to export audiences to DV360?
  3. Your Solutions Architect will click Create and you are ready to export your first audience to DV360!

Export a GrowthLoop Audience to DV360

  1. To export an audience, navigate to an audience and click Export.

  2. When the Create Export window pops up, type Display & Video 360 into the search bar and click Select.

  3. By default, the name field will auto populate to your audience name so you can easily find it in your destination. You can then select your:

  • campaign type
  • export schedule
  • sync end date
  • personalization fields
  • user consent data mappings

Note: If your customers are based in EEA (Economic European Area) or UK, we highly recommend you map the required consent fields to their corresponding columns on your Users dataset. This will ensure Google to include them as part of your targetable audiences.

  1. Click the Match Fields pill menu and choose your match fields

Hit Export to start exporting your audience.

You can then view your exported audience by logging into your DV360 Account and navigate to the Audiences section to view your audience!

Congratulations - you have successfully exported your first audience to DV360!