Learn how to export audiences to a CSV.

This article outlines the steps necessary to export an audience to CSV.

Exporting Audiences to CSV

To export an audience to CSV, create an audience or select an existing audience, and click Export in the top right corner.

Export Audience to CSV

Select the CSV destination.

CSV Export

‍Fill out the following fields, click Download CSV, and your audience will immediately start downloading to CSV in your browser!

File Name: This will be the name of the CSV file downloaded to your computer.

Fields: Please select the personalization fields you’d like to appear in your CSV export (e.g. NAME, ADDRESS, CITY, STATE). Select the Fields you'd like to include in your CSV from your Dataset. Each member of your audience will be exported as a single row in the CSV and include each of the Fields you select here.

To export all Fields in the Dataset for this specific audience click "Select All" and it will auto-populate all Fields for your export.

CSV Export with Fields Selected

‍Congratulations! You have exported your first audience to CSV.

Experiencing any issues exporting audiences to CSV? Reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch shortly!

Note: Currently CSV export is limited to audiences under 300,000 records.

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