Learn the core concepts of Datasets in the GrowthLoop Platform

Datasets and Models allow you to configure which data you'd like to enable your teams to use from your data cloud. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible so you can choose exactly which data you'd like to expose to your teams with as little work as possible. There are a few key concepts to understand about GrowthLoop Datasets:

datasets diagram

Datasets: Datasets represent a table or view of data in the GrowthLoop platform. Each Dataset in GrowthLoop is a direct mirror of that table or view in your data cloud. No data is copied, and there is no latency between when the data is ready in your data cloud to when it appears in GrowthLoop.

Models: Enable analysts to create custom data models for audience building directly in GrowthLoop - without altering your underlying data architecture.

Dataset Groups: GrowthLoop aids in creating intelligent customer segments for personalized campaigns, enhancing the customer experience. It recommends audience segments based on machine learning and the data models provided.

PII: Personally Identifiable Information such as email, phone numbers, names, and addresses.

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