Salesforce Pardot

Learn how to set Pardot as a destination for audience exports.

Pardot is a marketing automation add-on to Salesforce’s cloud-based software for customer relationship management (CRM). This article outlines the steps necessary to set up Pardot as a GrowthLoop destination and begin exporting audiences for activation.


  • Pardot username and password
  • Salesforce business account ID
  • Salesforce security token

If you already have these credentials on hand, you can skip down to Setting Pardot as a Destination. If not, see below for instructions on finding your business account ID and security token.

Finding Your Business Account ID

Log into Salesforce using the same account you use to log into Pardot. From the home screen, type Pardot into the Quick Find bar.

salesforce quick find

Click Pardot Account Setup and find your Business Unit ID from the list that appears. Make sure to select your own business unit. This is the ID you will use for GrowthLoop destination setup.

pardot account setup

Finding your Salesforce Security Token

If you do not know your Salesforce security token, you will need to reset it.

Log in to Salesforce with your username and password. From the home screen, click your User Icon at the top right corner and select Settings.


Type “token” into the Quick Find bar in the left rail and click Reset My Security Token.

pardot reset security token

Click Reset Security Token. A new token will be sent to the email address associated with your Salesforce account.

pardot reset security token confirmation

Once you know your business account ID and security token, you’re ready to connect Pardot as an audience destination!

Setting Pardot as a Destination

Select Destinations from the left rail of your GrowthLoop home screen.

Click New Destination on the top right.

Scroll down to the Email section and click Add Pardot.

select pardot destination

A modal window will prompt you to fill out Destination Info and Credentials.

pardot destination configuration
  • Destination Name: A custom name for your destination.
  • Sync Frequency: The frequency at which GrowthLoop will export audiences to your destination (hourly or daily)
  • Username: Your Salesforce username
  • Password: Your Salesforce password
  • Security Token: Your Salesforce security token
  • Business Account ID: Your business unit ID

Click Create and you are set to export your first audience to Salesforce Pardot! You can confirm that your Pardot account is connected by clicking Destinations on the left rail.


Happy exporting!

Experiencing any issues connecting to Pardot as a destination? Reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch shortly!