Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram Ads

In this tutorial, you’ll set up Facebook as a Destination Platform for GrowthLoop audiences. Configuring Facebook as a Destination Platform enables you to serve ads across Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp through their unified Ad Manager.


  1. Click Destinations in the left rail.
Destinations Navigation
  1. Click New Destination on the top right corner, then search for and Add Meta / Facebook Ads.
Select Facebook Destination
  1. Log into Facebook with the business account associated with Facebook Ads Manager
Login to Facebook
  1. After providing permissions for GrowthLoop to access your Facebook Ads account, you will be returned to the screen below.

Destination Name: This how the destination will be named and referred to in the app going forward.

Select Ad Account: If you have multiple Ad Accounts, be sure to select the correct Account where GrowthLoop will export audiences to.
Sync Frequency: Please select Daily or Hourly, as this will determine how often GrowthLoop exports audiences to Facebook.

Click Create and you are set to export your first audience to Facebook!


Audience exports will land in the Audiences tool on your Facebook ad account. You can locate this tool by typing “Audiences” into the quick search tool, located at the bottom left of your Facebook ad account.

Select audiences in Facebook

When creating a Campaign with your business account, you will have the option to select Manual Placements, allowing you to direct your ads to Facebook, Instagram, and/or Messenger, amongst other customizations. For more information on creating and curating an ad campaign with Facebook, click here.

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