Enhanced Match Rate

Learn how to maximize your match rates for paid media destinations

In this article, you'll learn how you can maximize match rates with paid media destinations including Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, TradeDesk and many more.

As paid marketers, we constantly worry about match rates for your audiences. You've spent a lot of time preparing your campaign and target list of users, only to load that audience into the paid media platform and see a Low Match Rate. This leaves you unable to target a majority of your target audience, and often times with unspent media budget.

GrowthLoop has developed Enhanced Match Rate to increase your paid media match rates. Now, any marketer on your team can define a target audience based on your internal customer data, and sync it to a paid media destination and achieve a higher match rate.

Today, your match rates in paid media platforms rely on your coverage of key data points for customers like: Name, Phone, Email, Address, Device ID. You may only have 20% coverage for phone numbers and 60% for emails. This means the users without that data are highly unlikely to be targetable in your paid media destinations. Enhanced Match Rate automatically matches your customers to partner Identity Spines to add additional details about your customer such as Phone Number, Zip code, Device ID and uses those additional identifies when matching to paid media destinations. The end result. You get a higher match rate for every paid media audience you export in the GrowthLoop Platform.

Here is the process to leverage Enhanced Match Rate:

  • Build Audience: Build an audience in GrowthLoop's Composable Audience Platform on your data cloud.
  • Select Paid Media Destination: Select your paid media destination (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, DV360, etc).
  • Enhanced Match Rate: If you have Enhanced Match Rate enabled on your Organization, GrowthLoop will automatically match your audience with a 3rd party identity spine to add additional match keys for each user in your audience.

  • Activation: GrowthLoop will pass the enriched audience directly to the paid media destination API to achieve higher match rates for your paid media audience.

For more information on enabling Enhanced Match Rate in your Organization, please reach out to [email protected].

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