Marve Audience Discovery

In this article, you'll learn how to use Marve Audience Discovery

With Marve Audience Discovery, your teams leveraging GrowthLoop will automatically receive audience suggestions. Think about it like your "Discovery Playlist" on Spotify. Every week, Marve learns from the audiences created by your team members, and it will automatically suggest audiences for you to target to achieve your goals.

Get started with Marve Audience Discovery

  • First, ensure you have Marve enabled for your organization.
  • Click Home in the left-hand menu
  • Scroll down to "Audience Discovery"
  • Marve will suggest up to four audiences to target, and they will appear on your home page and in your inbox every Monday.
  • Click "Create" on any audience suggestion and it will take you to the audience canvas, so you can save and export the suggested audience.
Audience Discovery with Marve


Always Improving

Marve is continously improving.

To further understand the data used in Marve, see our data utilization documentation.

If you would like to have Marve incorporate audience conversion rate information into its recommendations to provide audience suggestions based on performance, contact [email protected].


Bring your own LLM

GrowthLoop uses a composable architecture at every level. If you'd like to use a custom hosted LLM to support Marve Discovery, please contact [email protected].


Enterprise Plan

Marve is available to customers on our enterprise plan. To enable Marve in your account, please contact your solutions architect at [email protected].

We hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us at [email protected].

What’s Next

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