An introduction to Generative Marketing

The core idea of Generative Marketing is simple. Empower your marketing teams to harness the power of Generative AI to increase their ability to run a full campaign experiment cycle: Targeting, Journey Orchestration, Creative, and Insights gathering.

The central tenet of Generative Marketing is that a marketer is always in the Loop. Generative AI is not here to replace what marketing teams do. Generative AI is meant to assist, empower, and amplify what a team of marketers can do for their customers. Instead of 95% of marketing concepts gathering dust on a shelf and taking 6 months to launch a single journey campaign, generative marketing has the potential to reduce technical barriers so small marketing teams can launch and test all of their messaging concepts.

Marve Studio Generative Targeting

It all starts with Generative Targeting. Imagine your teams being able to harness the power of AI to brainstorm which audiences they should target to achieve their goals? This is now possible with Marve Studio.

Generative Journeys & Creative

We are holding a private preview in partnership with Google on the next phase of Generative Marketing including generating creative for marketing campaigns and full journey sequence drafts for your marketing team. You can see an early preview here.

This is just the beginning. Generative Marketing will become your team's marketing assistant to enable them 10x the number of campaign experiments they run each year.

If you want to learn more please contact [email protected].

What’s Next

Learn how to use Marve Studio Generative Targeting