Manage Organizations and Teams

Learn how to manage organizations and teams in GrowthLoop

In this article, you'll learn how to manage Teams in GrowthLoop. There are a few key concepts to understand in the GrowthLoop before we get started.

  • Organizations: Organizations are the top level entity in GrowthLoop. Usually companies have one organization.
    • Organizations can have multiple Source Connectionsto different data clouds.
    • Organizations can have multiple teams.
  • Teams: Teams are the defining unit for divisions and groups of people that collaborate often together.
    • Teams can have dataset groupsand datasets
    • Teams can have their own destinations

Managing Organizations

  • Navigate to Organizations in the left menu rail
  • Click Invitations
  • Admins can invite users by inserting email addresses.
    • Select Team you are inviting teammate to.
    • Select Role you want your teammate to have.
    • Insert a Message they will receive in their email invite.
  • Your teammates will receive an email asking them to join your GrowthLoop organization.
  • To resend invites simply click Resend
send invites

Creating & Organizing Teams

  • Navigate to Organizations in the left menu rail
  • Click Teams
  • To Create a new team, click Create Team and insert team name. You can then add users to team.

    create team
  • To Add Users to a Team simply click Add User to [Team Name in upper right.

add user to team
  • To remove users from a Team click Remove next to their email address.

Navigating Orgs and Teams

  • To switch between Organizations and Teams, you can use your Team Toggle in the left menu rail.
  • You can only view the organizations and teams you belong to.
  • By clicking on an Organization/Team in the Team Toggle you will be taken to that Team space.
Team Toggle