Enable Marve

In this article, you'll learn how to enable Marve

Marve unlocks several generative AI capabilities across the GrowthLoop platform that enable your teams to more easily activate audiences to marketing and sales channels.

There are a few key capabilities Marve unlocks today:

  • Marve Studio: Your teams can use natural language to brainstorm and create audiences.
  • Marve Descriptions: Marve can explain your data fields to business teams right in the audience and journey builder to help them understand what filters they are using.
  • Audience Discovery: Marve will proactively suggest audiences to your marketers every week based on learnings from previously exported audiences.

Enable Marve

Enabling Marve only takes a few clicks. Marve must be enabled for each Dataset Group you would like to use it with. This ensures that you have full control over which datasets are leveraged.

  • From the Home Page, click on "Datasets" on the left-hand menu
  • Click on the "Dataset Group" you'd like to enable Marve for.
  • Click on the "Marve" tab
  • Read the GrowthLoop Generative Marketing Acceptable Use Policy
  • Certify that you have and accept the Acceptable Use Policy
  • Click Submit

This will enable Marve for your Dataset Group. Now users can leverage Marve Studio to build audiences and will begin receiving audience suggestions directly on GrowthLoop home every week.

What data is used in Marve?

Marve was designed to be privacy-centric from the ground up. Marve Studio trains only on audience metadata, filters you have used in audiences, dataset names, dataset column names, and column descriptions. Marve does not train on individual row data within your datasets that are connected to GrowthLoop. This design is meant to make it simple for customers to ensure no PII is used in training Marve. If you have any questions about data use with Marve, please reach out to our team of solutions architects ([email protected] ), who will be happy to dive in further.


Enterprise Plan

Marve is available to customers on our enterprise plan. To enable Marve in your account, please contact your solutions architect at [email protected].

We hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us at [email protected].

What’s Next

Now that you have Marve enabled, take a look at how to use Marve Studio to build audiences.