The Trade Desk

In this Help Center article, we will walk you through the steps to get The Trade Desk connected as a destination in the GrowthLoop web application. Once connected, you will be able to send your audience segments to The Trade Desk for marketing activation!

If you're looking to connect to The Trade Desk CRM please refer to this doc for details.

When you sign into the GrowthLoop Platform, navigate to the Destinations tab on the left sidebar and click New Destination in the top right corner


When the Select Destination window pops up, type TheTradeDesk (one word) into the Search Bar to find The Trade Desk and click Add The Trade Desk.

Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 3.58.38 PM.png

Clicking “Add TheTradeDesk” will require you to select/insert the following information:

TradeDesk credentials.png
  • Destination Name: This is how the destination will be named and referred to in to the app going forward. It is helpful to make this name “marketer friendly” so everyone on your team knows it’s purpose.
  • Sync frequency: This is the default frequency audiences will be synced to a destination. Marketers can always change the frequency of an export to The Trade Desk, but this sets the default.
  • First Party Data Key and Advertiser ID: For these 2 parameters, you can navigate to your account on TheTradeDesk and select the Ads Account you want to add as a destination (as per the screenshot below).
Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 8.23.11 AM.png

Go ahead and select Create, and we’ll validate we have all the proper permissions to load audience data to The Trade Desk.

You should now see The Trade Desk in your list of connected destinations!

TTD destination created.png

Exporting to The Trade Desk

To build an audience and export it to The TradeDesk, click New Audience

Screen Shot 2023-04-30 at 9.21.23 PM.png

In the Builder, create your desired Audience. In this example audience, we will target our Customers who live in New York. Once you finish building the audience, click Export Audience

Screen Shot 2023-04-30 at 9.26.44 PM.png

In the Create Export view, search for your The Trade Desk Destination.

exporting audience to TTD.png

Click Settings —> Activate to save these settings and you will be brought back to the Create Export view, where you can set up your desired Campaign Type and Export Schedule, and click the Start Export button.

Please note that The Trade Desk supports UID2 as a match field.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully exported an Audience to The Trade Desk!

Screen Shot 2023-04-30 at 9.31.55 PM.png

Once you export an audience to The Trade Desk, you can log in to your The Trade Desk account and see if the audience was successfully routed to The Trade Desk. Here, you will find your newly exported audience in the list.

imported list in TTD.png

Experiencing any issues when connecting to The Trade Desk? Reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch shortly to help resolve the matter!

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