Data Cloud Storage

A quick overview of the information written back to your data warehouse for each journey.


Whenever you publish a journey, a journey "state table" is written back to your data warehouse. This state table is maintained as a running record of each individual’s passage through the different steps of the journey.

A few things to know…

  • Unlike snapshotting, in which multiple tables are written back to the data warehouse for each audience, there is only one state table written back for each journey
  • The journey state table is created within the same schema as your snapshotting tables
  • The naming convention for a journey state table is “journey_[journey id]”
  • The journey ID can be found in the GrowthLoop UI beneath the title of a journey
  • The state table is updated based on the journey run frequency configured as part of the journey settings

Fields in a journey state table

Field NameData TypeDescription
user_idStringThe unique identifier for an individual in your data
created_atTimestampTimestamp for when this record was created
run_idStringThe ID for the specific run of the journey during which this record was created
step_idStringThe ID of the node being evaluated (also available in the UI once the journey has been published)
stateStringThe state of this user for this step_id as part of this run_id. The possible values are Completed, Pending, and Exited. Exited indicates that the user was removed from the journey as a result of meeting global exit criteria identified as part of the journey settings.
request_idStringThe ID for the request that triggered the node evaluation
journey_idStringThe ID of the journey (also available in the UI beneath the journey title)