Copy an Audience

Have an idea for a new audience but don’t want to rebuild from scratch? In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a copy of an existing audience and modify it to your liking. You might choose to do this to create lookalike audiences, or adjusting filters slightly for fine-tuning of your audience, or maybe create audiences for future inclusion and exclusion audiences.


  1. Navigate to Central Audience Hub by clicking Audiences under Platform in the GrowthLoop app. Then, select the audience you want to copy.

  1. Click the Export drop-down button below your customer count and select Copy.

  1. A new audience template will appear with all your filters copied over. Once you title your audience, it will begin saving. Make sure you name your audience accordingly so that you know the difference between this audience and the original.

  1. Then, create your audience as you would a new audience, adding relevant filters for your target audience. Visit Create an Audience if you need a refresher on how you can build an audience.

What's next?

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If you need any other help, visit our help center or reach out to [email protected].