Google Ads

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Google Ads: Google, Gmail, Google Display, Google Video, Google Shopping, Youtube

In this tutorial, you’ll set up Google Ads as a Destination Platform which enables you to export audiences to it for marketing purposes. Configuring Google Ads as a Destination Platform will enable you to surface ads in Google, Gmail, Google Display, Google Video, Google Shopping, and Youtube.


  1. Click Destinations in the left rail
Destination Navigation
  1. Click New Destination on the top right corner and then Add Google Adwords
Destination Selection
  1. Sign in with your google account that is connected to your Google Adwords manager
Gogole AdWwords OAuth
  1. Click Allow to enable Audience Router to access your Adwords account.
Google Ads Permissions
  1. Fill out the following fields
Google Ads Destination Config

Team: This is the team that your user belongs to in GrowthLoop. If you have configured multiple teams in your org, be sure to select the team that your user belongs to

Destination Name: This how the destination will be named and referred to in to the app going forward

Select Ad Account: If you have multiple Ad Accounts, be sure to select the correct Account where GrwothLoop will export audiences
Sync Frequency: Please select Daily or Hourly, this will control how often GrowthLoop exports your audience.

Click Create and you are set to export your first audience to Google Ads!

Creating an export

Head over to your audience and click the Export button. In the modal search for your Google Ads destination you set up above.

Once you select your destination, you can set the details of your export such as:

  • Export name
  • Export schedule
  • User consent mappings

Please note if your customers are in EEA (Economic European Area) or UK, we strongly recommend you map the consent fields to their corresponding columns in your Users dataset. This will ensure that those customers who have provided you the required consent will become targetable on Google Ads.

On the next tab, you can define which match fields to use for google to increase your match rate.

Once you're ready, hit Export and your exports should begin.

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