Learn how to activate to destinations

The entire purpose of a composable audience and journey platform is to enable your teams to more effectively use the activation marketing and sales tools they already love from Salesforce to Facebook Ads. The transformative effect of composable, is that now the activation marketing and sales tools can now be orchestrated from a central hub. This leads to coordination between teams, a more cohesive customer experience, faster campaign experimentation, and as a result: faster growth.

A composable approach to audiences and journeys also unlocks a major benefit for the future of your go to market organization: Innovation. Your teams can select new best of breed marketing and sales tools for your stack and hydrate them with audiences and orchestrate them in journeys in 90% less time than a traditional martech stack.

GrowthLoop supports every major marketing and sales destination, and is adding new destinations each month. If you don't see your destination listed please contact [email protected]. If it is not already supported, we can typically add it within 2 weeks of the request.

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Enterprise Custom Destinations

GrowthLoop was purpose built for enterprise. We support dozens of custom destinations at our enterprise clients. Have your own email or sms tool you built internally? Our destination architects can get you setup following our Custom Destination integration patterns and make any customizations necessary.