Core Concepts

Learn about core concepts in the GrowthLoop platform


Sources are the data clouds where your data sits - like BigQuery or Snowflake. To add a source you can head to the organization page and add a new Source Connection.


Read more about sources here Sources


Destinations are marketing, sales, and customer service applications where you send communications to customers. GrowthLoop can hydrate your destinations with customer data in a few key ways:

  • Syncs: GrowthLoop can sync specific objects and columns to your destination as attributes. This is great for syncing data fields to personalize your communications.
  • Audiences: GrowthLoop can sync audiences to your destination. This is great for targeting customers in your destination, without needing to copy any data from your data cloud to their system beyond customer ids.
  • Journeys: GrowthLoop can sequence multiple communications with customers across several destinations with journey orchestration. This is true cross-channel marketing powered by your data cloud.


Read more about destinations here Destinations


Datasets represent a table or view of data in the GrowthLoop platform. Each Dataset in GrowthLoop is a direct mirror of that table or view in your data cloud. No data is copied, and there is no latency between when the data is ready in your data cloud, to when it appears in GrowthLoop.


Read more about datasets here Datasets


Audiences are the central component of GrowthLoop's platform. The audience hub is a centralized platform for your teams to create audiences (aka cohorts, segments) in a central location for every marketing, sales, and customer service channel. You can create audience segments within minutes, source data directly from the cloud, and deploy them on your customers' preferred channels.


Read more about audiences here Audiences


Syncs (also known as Reverse ETL) are direct copies of data from your data cloud into a Destination. This can be useful for updating Salesforce CRM contact profiles for your sales team. Or updating contact profiles in Marketo to personalize your emails. We encourage customers to use Syncs for marketing personalization in emails, sms, and push, but strongly discourage customers from copying all their data to destination platforms due to costs they experience in destinations over the long term. The goal of Composable is to centralize your data and orchestrate that data from a single location. The goal of Syncs is to use it in very specific use cases to personalize customer communications.


Read more about syncs here Syncs


Journeys is a visual canvas that enables customers to orchestrate full programs from a central canvas. Imagine being able to design an entire churn/winback program across Email, Push, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads from a single canvas and publish it. Journeys helps leading enterprises orchestrate their revenue stack.


Read more about journeys here Journeys


Marve enables you to leverage the power of Generative AI to create target audiences in the GrowthLoop platform. You can interact with Marve directly via chat to generate audience target ideas, and Marve will provide proactive suggestions to you and your team for new audience targets for specific programs.


Read more about Marve here Marve

What’s Next

Connect your Data Cloud to begin activating audiences for marketing and sales.