Email Alerts

In this article, you'll learn how to set up Email Alerts in GrowthLoop.

We currently support the following notification types, but will be expanding to more types very soon:

  1. Audience Export Failure -- triggered every time an audience export fails.
  2. Invalid Destination Connection Credentials -- triggered as part of a daily process that checks if credentials are valid to connect to each destination. The notification for each destination will only be sent the first time we find the error, and then once a week until the credentials are fixed. It'll trigger again only if credentials are fixed and the daily process fails a second time later.
  3. Dataset Update Failure -- triggered as part of a daily process that checks the last time datasets were updated. We trigger two types of notifications:
    1. A notification including datasets not updated in the previous 2 to 7 days (warning)
    2. A notification including datasets not updated for more than 7 days (danger). Datasets will be included in further notifications if:
    • they are updated and then become outdated again
  4. Audience Ready for Review -- triggered when you've set audiences for a GrowthLoop team to be reviewed before they're ready to be exported. This is triggered when a user submits their audience for approval. For more details on the audience approval process, refer to this doc

Email alert for GrowthLoop

You can set up notifications to any desired email address, such as your work email or an alias for a group of users on GrowthLoop, by navigating to the Organization menu, under the Notifications tab.

Here is how you get it set up:

  1. Navigate to Organization --> Notifications tab

  2. Add the email address you'd like to be notified for the notification type desired

  3. Save your settings

Now, every time that specific notification type is triggered, you'll receive an email from [email protected] that looks something like this, depending on the notification type. Below is an example of an Audience Export Failure notification type.

We hope you find this feature useful. If you experience any issues or have any questions, please reach out to us atย [email protected], and weโ€™ll be in touch shortly!